Summer Glamping Photo Gallery

After having to postpone due to the fires our glamping retreat went ahead in the first weekend of February, after a couple of weeks of luscious welcome rain. It was perfect timing - we had a weekend of clear (though hot) weather in the midst of a beautiful month of rain that brought everything alive, [...]

On Reconnection and Remembering: Part I

That prefix ‘re’ is a beautiful one. The Latin origin means ‘again, back’. It implies putting something back to an original state. My favourite words are ‘re’ words: reconnect, remember, restore, resilience, reciprocity... revolution. When we put ‘re’ in front of something it is a reminder that what we need is already here, that we [...]

A Collective Spell

On the final day of our recent 'Remembering & Belonging Retreat' we created a collective spell* of our intentions, prayers, hopes, gratitudes and commitments to action. And at our closing circle I wove together everyone's contributions to form a powerful invocation. The word Spell means to create an enchantment by speaking something out loud. And [...]

Music To Move To (Spotify Playlist)

From a 'Rebel Movement' workshop we facilitated at the Remembering and Belonging Retreat 2019. Many of us have a tendency to get stuck in habitual movement, or how we think dancing should look like, or feeling like we need someone else to tell us how to move. Our Rebel Movement workshops shake all that loose! [...]

Freedom Through Movement

In the dark, there is nowhere to go but inward. And when we turn into the dark we see things that otherwise would have been out of view. Our sight adjusts, if you will.  What do we see when we explore the edges of ourselves? Who are we? What are we? Of what is this [...]