Wild Child Retreats

Re-wilding is remembering, returning. Re-wilding asks us to be courageous and truthful in order to strip back the superficial layers that keep us disconnected. Re-wilding is an awakening of our soul.

Our re-wilding retreats and day immersions encourage and facilitate this awakening through ‘forest bathing’, storytelling, experiential movement, yoga, creative craft using natural materials and other practices for reconnection.

‘Forest bathing’ was first developed in Japan and is a term used to describe the therapeutic benefits of immersing oneself in the energy of the forest. We wholeheartedly believe that exposure to the natural world is as important for our wellbeing as the food we consume and the movement we take.

There is a big difference between ‘going on a bushwalk’ and immersing yourself in nature. Bushwalking implies a strong emphasis on the physical activity and destination or kilometres covered. Forest bathing has no focus on destination or outcome. The beauty is in the intention and the experience. We take time to smell the earth, feel the scratch of bark against our skin, delight in the soft mud that squelches under our feet. We also learn to get comfortable with discomfort.

It causes us a great deal of suffering when we strive to eliminate discomfort. We miss out on magical, liberating experiences for the sake of staying within our comfort zones. The first step out of this trap is to be aware of our resistance. Why do we feel reluctant to get rained on, to get mud on our clothes or walk barefoot on the forest floor?

Yes, we will probably get scratched by the branches, we might get stung by ants but it is easier to heal broken skin than a broken spirit.

Check out the Events page for details on upcoming retreats and immersions. Join us and experience the healing power of connecting to the earth with childlike wonder and awe. Lets get wild!