Wild Child Movement

So often in our culture we make movement about disciplining the body, controlling it, rather than opening ourselves up to experience greater freedom and joy. We can constrain ourselves so much with worry about what it looks like or whether we’re ‘doing it right’. Anna’s and Clare’s wild movement workshop is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the innate intelligence of the body and the simple happiness of movement. Anna and Clare are wonderful guides but the gift of the workshop for me was their encouragement to tune into what my body was craving and let go of preconceptions about what movement should be. And it was so much fun!

~ Tara on the wild child movement workshops

This body, your body is the result of millennia of evolution and it was made for movement. Running, jumping, climbing, walking, crouching, dancing, kicking, shaking. This body, your body, is a wild body. Forget shame, forget discipline, forget thinking you need to be told how to move. Your body knows what it needs to do. Your body is an intelligent organism. And you know how to come unstuck. You know how you need to move. This body, your body, is movement. Even when you come to a stop, the blood continues to pump through your veins, energy tingles at the surface of your skin, the air moves in and out of your body, your nervous system is alive, the atoms of your body oscillate so fast you can’t tell that you are mostly empty space.

Wild Child movement workshops are about remembering our wild bodies. Using movement as an expression of our inner landscape, rather than an imposition on the body by the mind or will. Wild Child movement workshops unlock the inner child, inner joy and a sense of freedom. There’s no ‘doing it wrong’, there’s no perfect alignment to achieve, there’s no discipline, there’s no future mastery to attain. There’s just movement. Now.

The practice begins blindfolded so movers aren’t self-conscious or caught up in what others are doing. Clare and Anna guide the class through visualisation and movement queues and great music but how your body moves is entirely up to you. Join us for our next Wild Child Movement class and get free!