About Anna & Clare

About Anna

I love movement, all kinds of movement – I am curious about embodiment. For fun I stand on my hands, climb fabric hanging from eight metre high ceilings, practice yoga, free move to music that gets me feeling tingly. Movement is such a joyful expression – when we move we feel our vitality, our energy, our strength. I move to honour this body and the life running through it. Connecting with our bodies through movement practice of all kinds, immersion in nature, her elements, the landscape, can help us remember that our bodies are wild bodies, our bodies are animal bodies that have evolved over the ages in relationship with the Earth.

I grew up running around and exploring the wilds of my hometown. We could amuse ourselves all day, playing with rocks in the creek, running through the long grass in the paddocks, jumping off bridges and rocks into saltwater, getting to know the life that thrives in rockpools. There is a sense of wonder and awe about life and the earth when we are children that many of us lose as we grow older. It’s vital that we learn how to reconnect and cultivate that way of interacting with the natural world, for our own health and the health of our life support system, and that’s what Wild Child Moves is all about.

At 36, I just found out my rising sign is Libra, which makes sense because injustice has always made me grumpy. I want humanity to fulfil our highest potential – living in harmony with each other, the Earth and all her beings. We have become alienated from nature – especially those of us who spend most of our days in urban environments. When we make time to connect with the power of the natural world we are reminded that life is precious and beautiful. Whatever tumult we’re going through nature can help us to exhale, unwind, connect with something greater, more vast and expansive, giving us a sense of perspective. Nature is our greatest teacher but we have lost touch with her and stopped listening to the teachings. Our birthright as earthlings is to feel a sense of belonging to the earth, to know her as intimately as we know ourselves. We all have so much work to do to get there after hundreds of years of industrialisation and disconnection. So join us on this journey and we can figure it out together!


About Clare

I grew up in the secluded Herefordshire countryside and spent my formative years roaming around covered in mud, making friends with the trees. One of my earliest memories is playing ‘looking at grass closely’ with my Dad, examining the intricate root systems that were home to the most interesting and unique species of insects. My parents both instilled in me a fascination, love and respect for the earth that weaves through every part of my life.

As a teenager/young adult I lost this connection for a while. I became consumed with the need to conform, and for a few years I gave little time or meaning to nature. Consequently I suffered. I fell into listlessness and attempted to cover my dissatisfaction with drugs, alcohol and toxic relationships.

One day I left England to rediscover what I’d lost. A year of solo travel bought me to the realisation that nature always has been and always will be by spiritual home. My journey took me to the East Coast of Australia where I started practicing yoga. I felt my spirit return through sacred movement, breath and meditation. I realised that what I’d been searching for was inside me and I learnt the tools to connect with my own heart. I spent time immersing myself in the beauty of my surroundings, lounging in rivers, climbing mountains and falling asleep under the burning milky way. I fell back in love with the earth. I am passionate about sharing this love with the world.

If we want to facilitate healing we must first address the disconnection that causes  us to harm the earth, each other and ourselves. It is from mine and Anna’s mutual love for movement and the earth that Wild Child Moves was born. I look forward to getting wild with you.