Meditation: The Sanctuary Tree

A visualisation meditation utilising the imagery of a tree to connect with what in our lives gives us sanctuary – what anchors us in turbulent times and what do we reach to for joy and delight?

This meditation pairs with the following practice:

Creating Your Sanctuary Tree:

The Sanctuary Tree practice identifies the things that nourish our spirit – the things that feel good and re-enliven us! This exercise (instructions below) may assist in continuing to reach out to joy. Make space for a daily practice of joy, pleasure, delight and appreciation of the beauty of the world.

With coloured pencils/pens/paints and paper, or collage supplies, sit down to reflect on the things you need in your life to cultivate resilience. What enables you to bounce back in challenging times? What are the things that ground and stabilise you? What are the things that enliven your spirit?

What are the things you need to integrate into your life daily/weekly/monthly? Then sit down and begin to image these things through the image of a tree – the branches can represent the things that re-enliven our spirits. That give us pleasure and joy. That restore our vitality. And the roots can represent the things that hold us in place in the turbulent storms.

You could use another image, for example, a pyramid with the things you need to integrate daily at the base, the those things you want to integrate weekly in the middle, and the sometimes things at the top. Or it could be a collage, a painting, a word cloud or whichever way your imagination moves you. Keep this imagery somewhere you will be reminded regularly of your soul food.

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