A Collective Spell

On the final day of our recent ‘Remembering & Belonging Retreat’ we created a collective spell* of our intentions, prayers, hopes, gratitudes and commitments to action. And at our closing circle I wove together everyone’s contributions to form a powerful invocation. The word Spell means to create an enchantment by speaking something out loud. And as Toko-pa Turner explores in her book ‘Belonging’, “There is an old aramaic word that I’m sure you’re familiar with, abracadabra, which roughly translates as, ‘I create as was spoken’. More than a mythological concept, it is the idea that the stories we tell, to ourselves and others, have the power to conjure reality.”

And so, this is what we take forth into the world:

I am grateful for everything Mother Earth has offered to bring us to life, to give us this consciousness. I am becoming aware that I am her fingers and arms, I am her attempt at saving herself. Now that is clear I will live my life fully to love her, to spread love for her. She is the ultimate being of love. She is where my spirit lies.

Love and compassion will prevail. Good intentions will ripple out. It is my privilege to initiate change. I will keep an open heart and mind, lead by example and express love and empathy for all beings.

And as flames clear the soil each season so that new saplings may unfurl towards the sun, may we remember to flux of life, the ebb and flow of creation, evolution, and revolution in its cyclical self-perpetuating joy. May we churn compost and relearn, strip back and find humility and grow. To those we make this journey alongside, may we find our strength in our connections, entanglements. Let us never forget our roots, our home soils, our ancestors. Let us never forget our children and the souls and soles who will one day walk this earth.

My intention is humility, to remember the forces of nature, to ask for help more, to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, to speak my goals, failures without fear, to allow myself to feel loved, be loved, give love and to always be a student of Mother Earth. I will sip on the sweet nectar of this earth and feel the permeating effects on my body, mind and soul. I hope to understand the beauty and sustenance this earth has to offer, to understand Mother Nature on a molecular level.

Let us start now, today, unflinchingly with courage in our hearts. Hand in hand and side by side, with compassion for all others, let us grow, make amends and find peace on this planet, our Mother Earth.

I am grateful for my journey and experiences, the good and bad. I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned. I appreciate the natural world so much. I am grateful for love, the ocean, and nourishing food. I am free.

My hope is that that world wakes up and people will be kind and compassionate to each other. My hope is that we will share stories of hope over fear and go back to the healing powers of nature. I wish more people would experience emotions that will lead them to making a positive change, meditate with the plants, act, work, make, seek help from God, find peace and look after our earth. My prayers are that we all realise we can work together to repair the world. I pray for love, peace and connection to the universe and all beings within. I pray for suffering to come to an end. I hope we wake up and treat the world with more love.

I will spend more time in nature and be awake, aware and conscious. I intend to show love to everyone and reduce my carbon footprint. I will hold space that allows people to be themselves. I will bring my best self and honour the earth and her people. I can’t wait to learn more about Mother Nature. I look forward to serving her by educating young minds and helping them on their journey to serving our planet. Educate, be aware and teach others.

Dear Mother Earth, it is my intention to live every day in honour of you, in gratitude of your nourishment and in celebration of your heart-beauty. It is my greatest hope that you experience love and enrichment from all to whom you give life and protection. I deeply wish to see you flourish and be well.

You are everything and my intention is to slow down enough to see the beauty that is already here – remembering that I already have everything I need.

My commitment to you is to go forth into the world embodying your power, to fight for you and to love you. May the actions of my life provoke compassion and selflessness in others. I will show up in the world to create beauty where there is disrepair, connection where there is disconnection, and courage and strength in the face of destruction.

Mother Earth, I love you and I will protect you.

*This is a practice adapted from Adrienne Maree Brown’s New Year collective spell from the Healing Justice Podcast.

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