Wild Child Moves is about cultivating love and connection with inner and outer nature, and facilitating joyful connections in nature. Anna Greer is a yoga teacher and deep ecology/work that reconnects facilitator and passionate about rewilding through movement, cultivating presence in wild places and practices that help us weave ourselves back into the web of life. Wild Child Moves offers:

  • Retreats that incorporate engagement with the outer wild to find our inner wild, meditation, free movement, yoga and deep ecology practices that leave people feeling at peace and at ease in the natural world. With this work we rediscover our belonging to the world and our shared connection with our fellow humans and the more-than-human community.
  • ‘Presence in Nature’ meditation classes, courses and workshops for the public and corporate wellbeing programs.
  • Online workshops and courses for rewilding body, heart, mind and soul; connecting to our inner wilds through engagement with the outer wild; rewilding yoga; shifting consciousness from ego to eco-identity, and reconnecting with the sacred.
  • Deep ecology workshops for the public and for organisations with a mission, so that their activism, social justice work and contribution to the world comes from a grounded and connected place. This framework and body of practice also means our work in the world becomes regenerative and we have more tools for resilience.
  • Intuitive movement workshops that unlock our connection to our body as animal, our body that loves to move, our body that feels like a home, our body as place, in place.
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes formed with the intention of cultivating our connection to the earth.

Email wildchildmoves@gmail.com to enquire about any of the above.

Online Offerings

Wild Child Moves Online

Join the Wild Child Moves online community with courses spanning  yoga & meditation, playful movement practice, deep ecology, the Work That Reconnects and sacred activism

Doom & Bloom: Reconnection and Renewal in the Climate Crisis

A Work That Reconnects course for reconnection and renewal amidst the climate crisis. Starts October 27.

Handstand Club

A subscription-based training program. Subscribers receive a weekly conditioning video, a weekly recovery video, a weekly live stream class (via zoom), bonus videos and a fundamentals series.

The Courageous Heart: Yoga and Buddhism for Challenging Times

A self paced course containing resources for resourcing, stories to take refuge in, and practices for wholeness and whole-heartedness.

Warrior to Sage

In this four-week Yoga workshop series we explore the archetypes of the Warrior, the Mystic and the Sage through asana practice, mythology and philosophy.

28-Day Reconnect Challenge

28 days of writing, movement, and nature connection prompts to connect you to the Earth and your wild body, mind and heart.

Events & Retreats

Reconnect. Remember

Wild Child Moves holds presence in nature, deep ecology and movement retreats, classes and workshops.

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Rewilding is the sheer joy we feel when nature is healthy, the joy we feel when we are embedded in nature’s mysterious ways. It is the peace that occurs when the distance collapses and we feel at one with nature and all her creatures.” 

Marc Bekoff, Rewilding Our Hearts